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Butternut Squash Chili Caliente from Victoria's Bites of Life

Sweet Potato Chili Caliente

  In anticipation of celebrating October’s National Chili Month, I recently posted my recipe for Fiesta Lime Chili last month.  I really consider all of fall a celebration of warm, comforting soups and stews, and as expected, I have an entire board on Pinterest devoted to my favorites.  When I look at the weekend weather forecast [Read On]

Butternut Squash Macaroni & Cheese from Victoria's Bites of Life

Butternut Squash Macaroni & Cheese

It is no secret that macaroni and cheese is my all time favorite food.  If I had to eat one meal every day for the rest of my life, it would be macaroni and cheese.  In fact, I have an entire board on Pinterest (see it here) of JUST macaroni and cheese recipes.  Currently 145 [Read On]

End of Summer Tomato Tart

End of Summer Tomato Caprese Tart

Although my gardening attempt was an epic fail this year (thank you woodchuck family living under the raspberry bushes that ate all my kale), many of you undoubtedly have a surplus of tomatoes and basil.  After you give half to family and friends, free some, dry some, stew some into sauces, blend some into pesto [Read On]

Easy Peasey {Cheesy} Cornbread

Fiesta Lime Chili

    Chili and cornbread is one of our favorite combinations in the fall – well, any season really.  I never really make chili the same way twice, as it is an excellent pantry and fridge cleaner.  Sometimes I use turkey, other times I use beef.  Sometimes it is black beans, sometimes it is kidney [Read On]

Easy Peasy {Cheesy} Jalapeno Cornbread

  When I was in college I watched damn near every episode of Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade.  I’m not sure if it was the quick and simple recipes, her kitchen decor, tablescapes and accessories, perfectly coordinated with the theme of that episode, or the fact that each episode ended with Cocktail Times. While I feed [Read On]

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